About Mindful Mamma

Women experiencing Anxiety, whether for the first time or having lived with it for years, experience exceptional benefit from the Mindful Mamma practice.

Mindful Mamma is a private practice specializing in teaching Mindfulness to women and their families prenatally, postpartum, and through the years beyond. The Mindful Mamma vision is grounded in a belief that Maternal Wellness is comprised of a layered set of realities and circumstances, and that training in Mindfulness offers a practice for creating space and awareness around our thoughts, emotions and reactions.  This practice in awareness becomes a landscape upon which we learn to navigate the inevitable ebb and flow of joy and stress in our lives. By beginning with Maternal Wellness, with great patience and kindness towards our own selves first, we plant seeds for healthy family, partner, and parent-child dyad wellness in turn.

Mindful Mamma offers a space that attends to the unique contemporary challenges of women in and around motherhood. With the teachings of Mindfulness practice and Buddhist psychology as our ever-present ground, we also draw upon theories such as the effect of socialization on our patterns, anthropological perspectives on ethnokinship cultures, mind/body connection, somatic awareness, beliefs on self-care, and perceived cultural norms.

While our work together may range from mindfulness meetings to coaching or postpartum care, it is often an exceptional level of stress or unrest, a feeling that something must change, an awareness or curiosity that leads you to look for support, or possibly that you’ve tried “everything”, including therapy, which are indicators that you are a candidate for our Work together.

Ultimately, it is my hope to coach women through a process of rediscovering their inherent wisdom and intuition; to work with the inner voice that is our toughest critic; to reconnect to a unique seed within all of us, a place where we can access self-love, self-care, gentleness, patience, compassion – to trust in ourselves. Regardless of the type of support through which we explore the mind together, our practice is rooted in the Mindfulness teachings that I have been studying and exploring for over a decade.