Mindfulness-Based Holistic Coaching

Coaching is a process dedicated to revealing and holding in awareness one or more specific goals that an individual presents. Mindfulness-based holistic coaching relates to “attainment” of that goal from both a being and a doing perspective. That is, mapping, planning and carrying out (doing) steps to reach a goal, are only one part of realizing that intention; they must be matched in parallel by feeling, experiencing, and observing our thoughts and belief systems (being) with deep curiosity.

There are a plethora of coaching types and even more reasons that one might seek out the coaching process. Among these, the following are two specific types of coaching that are of exceptional interest to me in my work:


Toddlers are fascinating! And yet we so often struggle with the “Terrible Twos” (or threes!), trying our best to foster independence and celebrate our little one’s individuality, yet aware that boundaries, rules and expectations are also healthy for our little ones. How do we reconcile these opposing pulls? Major life events and milestones, but more common just the average day in the life of a toddler, can feel like painful battles for so many parents. Together we observe our reactions to behavior, how this registers in our mind/body, and our beliefs regarding how toddlers “should” act, and find that on many levels the aforementioned process is most efficient in terms of “fixing” our problem.  In parallel we incorporate the literature of Susan Stiffleman, Dr. Harvey Karp, Tina Payne Bryson and Daniel J. Siegel on child development, among others.


Returning to work or beginning new job after the birth of a baby is a subject that oftentimes requires its own dedicated attention. It is a transition that can sometimes bring up mixed emotions, as we attempt to reconcile the coexistence of our changing role as mother, our career or personal interests, expectations, and technical/logistic circumstances in our lives. Perhaps you can’t stop thinking about making a career change after your maternity leave – pursuing that passion that you’ve put on hold; maybe you are considering changing your work hours or location to better suit your new needs; seeking clarity at this crossroads as to what your next step might be; coming to decipher the narrative of what you believe might be expected of you, and what your heart is asking.