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Baby’s first three months, often referred to as the “fourth trimester”, can be filled with love, awe and wonder at our little miracle, but also carry the anxieties of unexpected challenges – these might include nursing concerns, wanting to get baby on the pacifier, transitioning to a bottle, sleep related difficulties, or general infant soothing techniques. Growth spurts, developmental milestones and significant environmental shifts such as returning to work, can also present challenges that layer into the former.

My orientation towards these stresses is a mindfulness-based one, one in which we become aware of the thoughts surrounding the stressor itself, and train in noticing how reflections into the past (should have, could have, would have) and the future (if i dont, then … what if … i’m sure that … this is never going to end, etc.), affect the way we perceive the “problem”. In my experience, when mom becomes aware of the impact of these thoughts on the energy between her and baby, a shift occurs. Can we trust that this problem will soon fade? that everything is temporary? this does not negate our worry, and does not mean that we dont actively engage in trying to introduce a pacifier or employ methods to change sleep associations if that’s mother’s goal. we can both be aware of our thoughts, and act in “doing” with intention.