Mindfulness Sessions

For women curious about a mindfulness-based approach to relating to their experiences. Women typically express an interest in connecting with me from a place of struggle or challenge, stress, and an interest in trying an alternative approach to meeting these difficulties. Both prenatally/postpartum, as well as for mothers of children any age, this may look like a feeling of lack of clarity or direction, a difficult first pregnancy or birth, anxiety, challenges conceiving, mixed emotions regarding a pregnancy, confusion regarding career choices in the years following a birth, and generally a sense of stress, anxiety, and feeling that one needs a change in her life, likely having tried to “deal with it” on her own in the time prior to our work.

My practice extends well beyond the perinatal period and into the years after as women encounter shifting challenges that may look like reconnecting with ones own identity and needs, her role within the home or partnership, emergence or old or new habits, and a myriad of others. With a regular practice we use our pain or struggle as a seed through which we connect to the teachings of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and those on Mindfulness of thoughts, emotions, breath; they become an integral part of our work, as we begin to explore the mind and our thoughts with great curiosity. Our challenges and our reactions to these are our greatest teachers.

What is this?: Mindfulness Sessions typically look like approximately hour-long sessions, once weekly, either in your home, at a space in Plainview, NY, or via phone for long-distance students. During our meetings we use the specific struggles in your present-day experience as the ground from which we learn and build upon teachings rooted in Mindfulness and Buddhist psychology.

Who is this for?: You are a candidate for Mindfulness Sessions if you feel that you want help coping with stress and anxiety in your life, and are interested in a holistic or alternative approach rather than traditional therapy.