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Mamma , Welcome!

Mindful Mamma is a private practice specializing in teaching Mindfulness to women from the early years of motherhood, through mid-life and well beyond. 

Mindfulness is a practice of intentional, moment-to-moment awareness.

While it is a centuries-old tradition rooted in contemplative Eastern traditions, every year thousands of research-based studies are published about the effectiveness of mindfulness on improved health and well-being – from increased emotional regulation, reduced anxiety and stress, and decreased depression, to better memory, physical health, and stronger interpersonal relationships.


can be

  • A practice we can turn to in times of difficulty and uncertainty

  • A way to observe how our thoughts affect our reactions

  • The ability to see how we function on “autopilot”

  • A guide towards slowing down and stabilizing the mind


is not

  • A miracle cure

  • A way to eliminate our problems

  • Positive thinking

  • Therapy

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Our Vision

The Mindful Mamma vision is grounded in a belief that Maternal Wellness is comprised of a layered set of realities and circumstances, and that training in Mindfulness offers a practice for creating space and awareness around our thoughts, emotions and reactions for improved wellbeing.

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Mother and Daughter

Maternal Wellness & Mindfulness

Like a fingerprint, Maternal Wellness is entirely unique to every woman. It is composed of her emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual sense of health, and affected by everything from social support and familial circumstances to genetic predisposition and cultural beliefs.


As we integrate a Mindfulness practice into our lives as mothers, first with great patience, curiosity and kindness towards ourselves, we plant seeds for healthy family, partner, and parent-child wellness in turn.

Today, the Mindful Mamma practice supports women interested in personal development and growth.

Through in-session discussion and guided practice outside of our meetings, you will become a student of the mind, and learn how to skillfully apply mindfulness-based teachings to your own daily life.

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