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Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness coaching is a signature process that integrates learning of a core set of mindfulness-based teachings, and the application of these skills in one’s daily life. Our human struggles – sadness, disappointment, jealousy, blame, loss, guilt – are viewed through this unique lens, and we begin to develop a new, lighter way of relating challenges.  

In our work together,

you will

  • become more aware of your thoughts and reactions

  • acquire new skills to navigate uncertainty, stress and anxiety

  • learn to slow down 

  • unlearn conditioned patterns

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liat shpaizman coaching

So what does Mindfulness Coaching actually look like?

After an in-depth intake session we begin meeting for weekly sessions either in person or virtually. These 1:1 sessions are approximately an hour long, and usually begin with you bringing your “stuff” – whatever it is that has you feeling stuck, spinning, confused, stressed or anxious.


I’ll ask questions, then offer a lesson - a mindfulness-based teaching, which we then apply to your very circumstance. Finally, you’ll receive “homework”, or instruction on how to integrate the day’s teaching into your week until we meet again.

Currently accepting students in-person in Raanana (Israel), virtually, and occasionally for home-visits when applicable. Tel Aviv/Ramat Aviv office opening soon!

Client Spotlight

Meet Maya

For nearly a year Maya has been feeling like something needs to change, yet is unable to identify exactly what the problem is - she’s becoming increasingly impatient and irritable at home, with her three young boys, with her husband, and recently less present in her work as a psychologist.

Feedback after our sessions:

"I often times say that there was my life before meeting Liat and after meeting her. While I had made significant breakthroughs and insights before having children, learning with Liat has been a completely different experience."

mother and daughter

Mindfulness Coaching is for you if:

  •  You are curious about understanding how our thoughts contribute to our emotional states

  • You are exhausted from the daily roller coaster of ups and downs

  • You feel stuck; like things have got to change

  • You feel you’ve “tried everything”
    You are done with feeling overwhelmed

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Let's work together

Ready but unsure? Drop a note and we’ll schedule a call to decide if we are good fit for each other.

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